From 1 January 2023
Gas rates changed for some of our existing customers in Victoria from 1 January 2023.

These Include.

  • Victorian gas customers on our Basic Home and Basic Business and plans with gas standing offer tariffs including bulk hot water. Customers received a rate change notice advising their rates changed from 1 January 2023. 

For new customers that signed up for the following plans up to 31 December 2022, rates for these plans changed from 1 January 2023.

  • Basic Home gas and Basic Business gas plans – these are our standing offer gas plans
  • Our variable rate gas retail market plans eg. Flexi Plan or Balance Plan.

From 1 February 2023
Gas rates changed for some of our existing customers in Victoria from 1 February 2023 and customers have been notified.

These include,

Victorian gas customers on our retail market plans ie. Balance Plan Home, Balance Plan Business, Flexi Plan Home and Flexi Plan Business, along with other legacy variable rate gas plans.   

Customers not impacted:

  • Customers on our electricity plans, including Victorian Default Offer (VDO), electricity retail market plans and unmetered supply customers
  • Our Managed Builder Partners.

Why are gas costs increasing?
The Russia-Ukraine war has impacted global energy, leading to a decrease in gas supply world-wide. The cost of new gas in wholesale markets has seen three-fold increases following the war in Ukraine.

What we’re doing to help
Our priorities are to maintain supply and support all our customers.

We know governments are looking at measure to moderate the significant price for energy forecast in 2023. We are committed to working with governments to help reduce the impact of higher prices on customers.

If you are facing difficulty paying your next bill, contact us and we can discuss the options we have to support.