Giving our people opportunities to give back

We're committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work.  

That's why our people can take two days’ paid leave each year to volunteer with one of our charity partners.  

Whether it's helping families in need, mentoring disadvantaged young people, or feeding hungry school kids, our charity partners are making an incredible positive difference in people's lives and they all rely on the help of volunteers to provide their vital services. 




Feeding hungry kids so they can grow, learn and succeed 

EnergyAustralia has partnered with Eat Up, a charity that provides lunch to school kids who would otherwise go without. Our people have made up thousands of fresh sandwiches which went directly to schools for the one in five Aussie kids experiencing hunger. 

One of the schools involved in the program said, "You are making such a big difference to the lives of our students and the sanity of our staff. How fantastic is it, for staff to provide needed students with a scrumptious lunch quickly and with dignity for our children.

image 23 (1) (1).png

Pictured: EnergyAustralia’s people making up sandwiches for hungry school kids.